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Impact on our resources and environment

The future of our food is under threat because of factory farming. One in every three tonnes of grain is fed to factory farmed animals meaning our global grain stocks are under pressure. There is a competition between feeding people and feeding animals, and in the future we will be faced with the possibility of more people, more animals and less land. Today’s livestock population is responsible for producing one in every five tonnes of society’s greenhouse emissions, and this is expected to double by 2050. We need future generations to look beyond factory farming and to produce food humanely and sustainably.


  • Susanmpolk

    I wish more people would get involved because factory farming is so so sad

  • Ruth Lomax

    Very good as far as it goes BUT it does NOT explain nearly fully enough HOW keeping animals in more natural environments with less water, expensive grains etc and less land available generally, will be better!!!!!!!!! And am against factory farming!

  • Julia Michell

    Marvellous video, we need more like this and I am going to post mine on Facebook. Is it possible to get this kind of thing onto a TV short slot in the early evening? Would the BBC be interested? Thank you so much

  • Anonymous

    Factory Farming is not ‘farming’, it is simply corporations getting into another entity without, they think due to their ignorance, arrogance,greed,egotism, giving them limited views, penalties of being caught by people that care! It is like Fish factory ships are not fishermen as ever that term evolved, to feed people – they are sailors at sea to catch – whatever moves – for profit.

  • Toady21

    What this needs is to be published in the Daily Mail, that would reach so many more people as to the plight of these poor animals. also try and get it on TV. I do not think enough people know about this, if everybody wrote to their MP I am sure something would be done eventually.

    More and more people are becoming vegetarians when finding out how animals are kept, transported and slaughtered, so a wider audience is needed.

  • Karenbutland

    People are living in a material world-mobile phones, fashion, the latest technology etc. As we grow older some of us become more Responsible and wake up to the real world and whats going on. Sadly the important things with whats going on now isn’t shown on prime time TV instead of Stupid Adverts about hair colour-nails-Junk food, all of which adds to Animal Cruelty. Lets face it, people don’t really care where their food comes from and if it’s gone through hell, as long as the burgers and sausages are available and a sunday joints on the table. I’m so glad i gave up eating meat in 1983 after living in Torrington North Devon and watching cows and pigs go through the town by the lorry load to their death and the stench of blood all over the town in the hot weather. I really think everything is orchestrated to keep us all at a low EB keeping us under control, otherwise governments would be bothered to look at the real problems on saving the planet instead of lining their pockets with our hard earned money and buying cheap crap from China and investing in other country’s. We are all in this together-so how about we all do something today, just one thing to help the environment. Try and go veggie-or eat Organic Free Range meat (Not always the stuff monitored by the RSPCA-i have my reasons),or send a small amount to the CIWF to help towards them stopping Live Animals being transported abroad. I helped a wonderful lady a couple of saturdays ago-giving out leaflets on animal cruelty and i came away with a very informative book letting me know where to buy everything, right down to my washing powder which is animal friendly. I arrived home and rang Naturewatch 01242 252871 and ordered another 5 books costing me £15 and gave them out to friends and family.
    I will be giving more out as Christmas gifts this year. The co-ops own brand has the BUAV Rabbit on it-you can actually buy bleach and other products which is not tested on animals. If we all do a little something each day or week, i’m sure we could all make a difference to our country and the poor Animals who suffer in silence and are treated abominably every minute of every day. Come On Britain, Wakee Wakee. Good Luck.

  • Louisexx14

    as previously mentioned, some people wake up to this a bit late, i include myself in this! But what an awakening. i am now very careful about what i buy, only organic meat and dairy which are locally produced, and in fact i am not eating meat on 2 days each week. i buy BUAV approved beauty and household products. unfortunately i have only become aware of all this in the last few months, but i am now doing everything i can to put it right.