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Monday, October 28th, 2013

“In your heart” is the official tourist slogan for Cyprus, the island in the Mediterranean popular with British tourists.

Cyprus is also a member of the European Union. It must be compliant with EU laws and regulations relating to farmed animals. Sadly, two undercover investigations we made this summer showed pigs, goats and sheep have yet to be welcomed into the country’s heart and benefit from the hard-fought legal protections adopted by the EU.

In May we presented to the Cypriot agriculture minister evidence, including video, from our slaughterhouse investigations. It showed goats and sheep were slaughtered in horrifically cruel and illegal conditions. The goats were chained by their rear legs while fully conscious. They were hoisted up and left dangling upside down bleating piteously. It was only then that they were stunned. It is illegal to suspend or hoist conscious animals. The stunning was also ineffectively administered. Clearly, the employees were not properly trained.

The Tragedy of the Gracia Del Mar

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

There is no excuse for the inhumane treatment of farmed animals, particularly at the point of slaughter, when they are at their most vulnerable. Indeed, any cruelty to farmed animals is unacceptable wherever it occurs in the world.

Recent exposés of the international trade in live farmed animals reveal cruelty and suffering to be routine and tolerated.

Compassion, in cooperation with various like-minded organisations, has exposed throughout Europe, Turkey and Egypt unacceptable treatment of animals in long distance transportation and their slaughter.

Even Britain is not exempt. After an undercover investigation documented cruel and unnecessary treatment of pigs, I repeated my call for the installation of CCTV in British slaughterhouses to ensure the law is strictly enforced and any transgressions prosecuted.

You may also recall my interview with Lyn White from Animals Australia. She documented shocking examples of cruelty when cattle raised in Australia were killed in Indonesia.

Thousands of live farmed animals are needlessly transported long distances across continents, including from continent to continent, and across the world’s oceans, often to countries whose slaughter methods would be considered illegal by those with stricter laws.


Farmageddon on film

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