Farms are important for both local and national economies. Not only do they produce food for consumption, but they also produce raw materials which are used in various manufacturing industries. Farming is the backbone of thriving economies.

A lot of people invest huge amounts of money in farms hence there is need for the farms to be protected. From the expensive machinery to the animals and plants, it is essential to secure farms against thieves and trespassers. Below are some of the tips which may be used to make farms secure.

1. Installing cameras 
Farms sometimes cover vast areas of land and it can be very difficult to know what is happening at different ends. Cameras are great digital devices which you can use for security purposes. A camera surveillance system can be used to take photographs and record videos and in case of any suspicious activity, you can easily check the contents of the camera.

2. Physical Barriers
First, ensure that the farm has a single main entrance and exit because this helps to easily track in and out movements. Secure every gate in the farm with padlocks and chains and ensure that the gates have strong hinges. Fences which include hedges, barbed wires or walls are great physical barriers because there are preventive and conceal the land.

3. Post warning signs
You can post warning signs if you need to restrict unwanted access to your farm. The signs should be visible and they can be warnings such as “no trespassing, “dangerous dogs, “biosecurity. among others.

4. Install Ample lighting
Thieves love darkness or dimly lit places. One of the simplest security measures that you can have on your farm is installing and maintaining good lighting. You can invest in security lights or lighting sensors such as the BEIdusk-till-dawn’.

5. Firearms
Intruders are not only dangerous to your farm products and equipment, they can also harm you As a farmer, you can buy a gun for safety purposes. Air rifles are strong and effective guns which have similar characteristics to pellet guns. is the best place where you can buy an air rifle at a cost-friendly price. There is a wide range of selection to choose from and you will also be provided with a user guide. Note that if you are going to get a firearm, it should always be stored away from children.

6. Alarms and Motion Sensors
Installing motion sensors around your farms’ perimeter is a great way of securing your it In case there is an intruder, an alarm or motion sensor can easily pick up their unwanted activities and raise awareness. You can fit the alarms on storage sheds, gates, machinery etc.

7. Security Tags
Despite all the efforts that you put, your farm machinery and equipment may still get stolen by insiders working in the farms. To reduce chances of theft, you can tag your equipment and vehicles with security tags which have GPS. This way, you will be able to track down a vehicle or machine movement as well as the location.

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