Have you ever wondered why water is so important? A shortage of water during a dry season tells everyone about the importance of water, but a detailed explanation is hard to reach for many people. Yes, we are thirsty; we can not bathe; We cannot cook our food and our children are crying for a glass of it seventy percent of the planet is water like our bodies are that single fact should tell us everything.  Just like us human beings, animals also can’t survive without water.

Water is vital to the cellular structure of animals:
Animals’ cells are mainly composed of water just like ours. The quality of that water is vital for the health of their cells. When the water in the cells is not enough, the cells begin to wilt and eventually collapse causing the animals to die. In addition, cellular information is directed from one cell to another and to the brain through electrical impulses that depend on water. The necessary physical and chemical reactions need water to complete them.

Water is critical to the structure of the soil:
The structure of any soil can be determined by particle size and porosity, which allows the necessary presence of water for its vitality and ability to produce and support life. By analyzing watersheds, the analyst is verifying the amount of water available in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and soil. These variables tell hydrologists and ecologists if the river basin can actually support a population. As the water in a previously saturated soil runs out, the soil gradually compacts and changes position. Taking into account these variables on the ground while adding atmospheric humidity, the amount of rain in an area and, finally, the evaporation of that water, we are observing the various elements that make up the hydrological cycle. How does this affect the animals? Most animals eat plants and fruits grown from the soil. If the soil is not in good condition, it may not be able to grow plants which serve as food to the animals.

Water carries nutrients:
Water is the way in which nutrients are transported in a watershed, in an animal or human body and in plants. Water transports nutrients throughout the body and also eliminates waste. Without water, we become dehydrated which can possibly lead to death. In the best case, we and animals can live only about seven days without water, while we are able to spend thirty or more days without eating. All the essential vitamins and minerals contained in the food we eat cycle the body and nourish every part of it Without water, this would be impossible.

Water keeps animals alive:
It is extremely important that all people have a deep respect for water and deal with the vital planetary water supplies. Aside from the abovementioned reasons why water is important to animals, there are also other little ways on how water can help animals. For example, during winter, warm water can comfort animals so that they will not feel too cold. Warm water also is used for sick animals to lower temperature. Good thing there is now tankless water heater which is perfect for farms with animals. BTWHR is one of the brands with the most affordable high-quality tankless water in the market.

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